“Thanks for a great class, Yvonne!!! Feeling empowered to take care of my fur babe and ready for #2 🙂 .”
– J.L., Los Angeles, CA
Pet Parent 


“You are really incredible!  You maintained your high energy for the entire 5 hours!  It went by so fast and I learned so much.  I will definitely recommend this to everyone I know who has pets.”
– E.E., South Pasadena, CA
Pet Parent & South Pasadena Animal Commissioner


“Yvonne, Thank-you for a fun and informative class. Without being able to actually perform the cpr and first aid , I would not have realized how much stamina it takes. When I talk to people from now on I am definitely going to recommend they take your class.
I already practiced on my little dog, Annie. I also have started re-organizing supplies into a fannie pack, a car pack, and a go bag . Also, gathering stuff and a recepticle for a” Crash Cart”. Taking your class really brings home the point WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW CAN KILL YOUR PET! The dog videos were GREAT! I really learned alot, and refreshed my memory about some things I knew, and got inspired to be better prepared. Thank you!”
– C.B., Tarzana, CA
Pet Parent & Pet Care Professional


“Thanks again so much for the class you taught, it was a great class because you are so passionate about helping animals. Thank you for sharing that energy!”
– M.S., Long Beach, CA
Pet Parent


“Thanks again, Yvonne for another great course.  I feel like I got so much out of it.”
– T.B., Los Angeles,CA
Pet Parent & Pet Care Professional


“Thanks Yvonne! This was SUCH a great class! I learned so much but am glad to have the workbook for reference! I’ve already started putting together my doggy first aid kit!”
– A.M., Pasadena,CA
Pet Parent


“Thank you for teaching an excellent class! I learned so much 🙂 I hope I never need to use it, but grateful if I do!”
– Y.G., Pasadena,CA
Pet Parent & Owner of Wigglebutt Walkers


“I just wanted to thank you again so much for presenting such an informative course on Pet CPR & First Aid. There was a ton of information and procedures to absorb but you presented it in such a way that was enjoyable and easy to understand. I feel much more confident in providing assistance to a pet in need in the event of an emergency, whereas I likely would’ve panicked before. Thank you again so much and extra thanks for bringing your precious pup to meet us! :)”
– C.M., Pasadena,CA
Pet Parent & Owner of Pet Porter Pals


“I wanted to thank you for giving us a very thorough and informative lecture yesterday. I really enjoyed your class and your enthusiasm was awesome.”
– S.Q., Los Angeles,CA
Pet Parent & Member of So Cal Golden Retrievers


“I wanted to say hello and to tell you again how much I enjoyed your class, you are a wonderful teacher and I feel confident now that I can handle an emergency situation without forgetting everything I’ve learned and am assembling my first responder kit. 🙂 In the meantime, I’m recommending your class to all of my pet parent friends and also to my fellow volunteers at The REAL Bark. Thanks again!”
– C.A., Los Angeles,CA
Pet Parent & The REAL Bark Volunteer


“The class was great. Thank you for being such a great instructor. ”
-A.T., Santa Monica, CA
Pet Parent


” Thanks again for the class and your inspiring instruction.”
– R.R. Los Angeles, CA
Owner of  Rips Dog Training


“I had such a great time at your course!”
– A.S. Hawthorne, CA
Pet Parent & Pet Care Professional, No Bones About It Pet Care


“Thanks for the great class!”
– M.D. Hermosa Beach, CA
Pet Parent & Pet Care Professional, Active Canine


“The class was fantastic. I will be sending both of my assistants in the future and put a notice out to my clients in case they’re interested as well.”
– M.N. Pasadena, CA
Pet Care Professional, Pasadena Paws


“As the owner of a pet care business, I’ve taken several courses in Pet CPR and First Aid. None compare to Yvonne’s. Only after taking Yvonne’s course do I now actually feel confident that I have the necessary knowledge and skills to properly handle pet health emergencies. Yvonne is organized, comprehensive, and detailed. She’s also very obviously passionate about the work she does. Her welcoming nature, enthusiasm and sense of humor make her courses not only informative but also enjoyable to participate in. She encourages questions and even follows up by email after the course to make sure all our questions and concerns have been addressed. She makes herself very available to her students. I will definitely be booking Yvonne to do private group sessions for my employees and clients. I also intend to enroll in her other classes. I know they’ll be great because she clearly cares deeply about helping animals and helping the people who love them.”
– A.V. West Los Angeles, CA
Pet Parent & Owner of Pack of Hearts @ Mr. Packman LA


“I really loved your class, you are awesome at teaching.”
– K.K., Los Angeles, CA
Pet Care Professional & Animal Rescue Volunteer


“Thanks Yvonne! The course was great, I enjoyed your enthusiastic teaching style. I picked up a lot of really useful info.”
– G.H., Los Angeles, CA
Pet Care Professional


“Great class yesterday! I will recommend it to clients and friends. Thank you!”
– L.D. Los Angeles, CA
Pet Care Professional


“Thanks so much again for teaching us the other day, it was amazing!:) I am happy I am able to do more now!”
– G.T. Silver Lake, CA
Pet Care Professional


“Your class was fantastic! I really enjoyed your teaching method and learned so much.”
– A.E. San Dimas, CA
Pet Parent & Pet Care Professional


“Thank you for your teaching! Very clear and interesting!
– V.M. West Hollywood, CA
Pet Care Grooming Professional


“Thanks so much for the class! It was way more informative and better-presented than other classes I’ve attended.”
– A.V. Marina Del Rey, CA
Pet Parent & Pet Care Professional


“I really enjoyed the class, very informative. I thought you did a great job at covering all the material and going through the demonstrations. I will definitely recommend your class to others.”
– S.S. Los Angeles, CA
Pet Parent & Pet Care Professional


“Hands down, best instruction class. Yvonne was very organized, helpful, detailed-oriented. Everything was perfect. ”
– M.C. Orange County, CA
Pet Parent & Pet Care Professional


“The instruction was great–very knowledgeable and engaging. A lot of energy! ”
– C.R. Highland Park, CA
Pet Parent


“Being the owner of a pet sitting company- I wanted to find an instructor to teach Pet CPR/First Aid classes and I was excited that Yvonne was willing to teach a small group at my location. Yvonne in person is positive and fun. She knows the information and is so passionate- our entire team loved her energy and enthusiasm! I learned more information in the 5 hour session then I had previously learned in an 8 hour class. The hands on instruction was so valuable and even the slideshow was presented in a pleasing manner and easy to understand pace. My team felt comfortable asking questions, we were all engaged in the material and left with materials to review. Although it can be overwhelming and somewhat intimidating- I feel ready to handle an emergency with any pet in my care. I am grateful to have teachers like Yvonne available to train my team!”
– T.C. Los Angeles, CA
Pet Parent & Owner of  Furry Tails & Litter Pails


“I just want to say thank you for your time at the workshop and for teaching me plenty of stuff that I hadn’t known before. The fact that I got my pet cpr and first aid certificate really gave my customers a sense of assurance knowing that their pet is in good hands when I’m working with them and it gives me confidence and credibility. And I thank you for that.”
– K.T. Lincoln Heights, CA
Pet Parent, Pet Groomer & Animal Shelter Volunteer


“You are an amazing teacher and I truly think it’s your calling! So thank you for helping me to follow my dream of being a professional animal care taker!”
– N.F. Eagle Rock, CA
Pet Parent, Pet Care Professional & ROCK STAR


“The class was very informative and practical and your presentation exceptional. I would say that this class is a must for all dog walkers, pet sitters and doggie daycare’s as well as responsible pet owners.”
– D.M. Ventura, CA
Pet Parent, Pet Care Professional, & Animal Shelter Volunteer


“You did amazing, very informative, I loved the personal interaction you had with each and every one of us. Thank you for being such an awesome instructor in today’s class. I learned a lot and I look forward to staying in touch with you.”
– M.M.T. South Pasadena, CA
Pet Parent & Pet Care Professional for Dog Day Care and Walking Services


“On June 13th, Yvonne with DOG+MANITIES taught Pet Tech’s pet CPR and first aid course to a group of volunteers with the Upland Animal Shelter. I had taken this course in April and was so impressed with the quality of teaching and the importance of the subject, that I invited her to teach the class to our volunteers. The group raved about the quality of her lessons, the clarity of her slides, and the relevance of the information. Several of the volunteers had previously had a bad experience when a pet died and they had no idea what they could have done to help. The course provided many scenarios and allowed participants to practice the first aid and CPR techniques to gain competency in each skill area. But not only did we have an opportunity to gain valuable skills, we had a lot of fun in her class as well. At the end of the session, people stayed for awhile while she answered their individual questions. Furthermore, Yvonne surprised us with her generosity by giving an amazing donation to the Upland Animal Shelter. We look forward to having Yvonne back to teach this again in the near future. Thank you, Yvonne.”
– J.E. Upland, CA
Treasurer, The Friends of Upland Animal Shelter


“I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I feel so confident in any future emergencies that comes up.”
– K.H. Upland, CA
Pet Parent & Animal Shelter Volunteer


“Very knowledgeable! It was a great fun class.”
“Great flow, great answers to questions, great attitude, fun hands-on.”
“Yvonne is a very knowledgeable, fun, and informative in her delivery of information.”
“It was good and educational.”
“Training was good and concise.”
“It was ALL very interesting!”
“I loved it! Thank you!”
– Team Members, Camp Run-A-Mutt Chula Vista
Pet Care Professionals for Dog Day Care, Grooming & Boarding


“Excellent instructor. Very good information. Very nice, informative, and useful. I’ll be happy to comeback.”
– G.R. Whittier, CA
Pet Parent


“The class was so beneficial and full of so much useful info. and more importantly you are such a great instructor.  You’re extremely knowledgeable, approachable, patient and just had such a great energy.  I can tell you really care about what you’re teaching and who you are teaching.  I like the fact you keep in touch with your students and offer to help.  I don’t know of many instructors who would do that.   If I take any other Pet-related courses it will be with you. Thanks again.”
– T.B. Redondo Beach, CA
Pet Parent


“I love the enthusiasm! It was all quite valuable. I feel much more confident handling my client’s pets now 🙂
I felt you did a great job with the class and I especially appreciated that you were passionate about the subject. It made it easy and fun to be a part of.
Overall, I loved the class and how you taught ”
– J.W. Hollywood, CA
Dog Walker & Pet Sitting Professional


“Very useful and detailed. The emergency first aid information helped me feel more confident.”
– Y.Y. Alhambra, CA
Pet Parent & Dog Groomer


“I really learned a lot at this class and enjoyed it! Thanks, Yvonne!”
– J.E., Orange County, CA
Animal Shelter Avid Volunteer & Pet Parent


“Recently I had the pleasure of taking the CPR and First Aid for Pets. This is truly an informative class for someone like me, who is a dog lover and healthcare provider. The course was taught by a wonderful instructor, Yvonne. She was knowledgeable and delivered the course content very well. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who are pet lovers or interesting in broadening their knowledge in pet care.”
– D.T., South Pasadena, CA
Pet Parent & Nurse Practitioner


“I was super impressed with your teaching skills and class material in yesterday’s Dog CPR and First Aid course. I feel much more educated and well-prepared to tackle my new Dog Daycare and Boarding business with my new education. Not only will it help me to better prepare to be a professional in the dog industry, but this certificate will also help me to market our business as a professional in the community.”
– K.P., San Diego, CA
Pet Daycare & Boarding Business Owner


“Thank you for that wonderful class! 🙂 Definitely learned and relearned useful skills!”
– E.R., Downey, CA
Dog Walking/Sitting Business Owner & EMT


“The class was great – thank you so much!! Such useful information!”
– E.W., Glendale, CA
Pet Parent & Architect


“Thanks again for the training! I have told a PT friend of mine who is interested in getting into canine rehab about it, so I’m hoping she’ll be able to take the class, too!”
– N.Y., Highland Park, CA
Canine Rehab Therapist & Physical Therapist